5 Free Must-Have Apps for the New Year

Whether you’re reading this on January 15th or August 29th, it’s never too late to better your year of homemaking! I’m sharing the 5 free must-have apps for the new year that’ll keep you organized and improve your life. These apps range from helping you stay hydrated to teaching you a new language. If you have a goal, it’s never too late to start. 

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I want to say that downloading these apps doesn’t have to mean spending hours on your phone. You could do 5 minutes of learning a language, 1 minute of logging your water intake, and 8 minutes of filling out your weekly calendar. That’s only 14 hours a day! You can download these apps on your phone’s app store.


This 2022 app store award winner is not only adorable but also super helpful in keeping you hydrated. This app helps you set a personal hydration goal according to your weight, height, and activity level. If it seems to be too little or too much water, you can always go back in and change it. 

Each day you’ll go into the app and log your water intake after each glass. As you log your water, a llama character fills up with a blue color. It also displays a percentage of how much you’ve tackled your goal. When you reach your hydration goal the llama turns colorful and confetti flies all over the screen. 

When downloading this app, you can make it a widget (large block) on your phone screen instead of just the app. This widget shows your amount drank and the fill line of the llama. It’s a great way to remind yourself to drink water! The app will help you with instructions on displaying the widget. 


Learning a language doesn’t have to be boring, with the Duolingo app you can make learning fun for adults and kids! There are 40+ language options to choose from. There are Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and more. The lessons start out with the simplest form or you can choose to test your knowledge to start at a more advanced level. 

Each lesson comes in bite-sized chunks that take no longer than 2 minutes. It allows you to learn a new language in the nooks of your day. Do a lesson while supper is cooking in the oven, during a commercial break, or while waiting for your car to warm up. 

Zoho Calendar 

Keeping a calendar is key for many people to stay organized. Whether you’re running a business, have kids with extracurricular activities, or just need something to stay organized with homemaking, Zoho Calender is an awesome option! 

I’ve tried other calendars like Google Calendar and paper calendars but I’ve never felt completely organized like everything was in one place. That’s why I’ve switched to the free Zoho option. You can sync your calendar(s) to both your phone and your computer to stay organized. There are color coating options, everything is simple to move around, and after the time frame is over it turns grey. 


This is the best to-do list app I’ve ever used! It’ll take place of paper lists, notes, and more. This app has a feature to plan lists for the current day, or next week, or add a general list. You can color-coat each to do list using the theme feature. After completing each task you can mark them off and it turns grey and shifts to the bottom. 


If you haven’t tried listening to podcasts this is your year! You’re missing out, seriously. Podcasts can be listened to while driving, doing the dishes, folding laundry, putting a puzzle together, and even while going on a walk.

No matter what your interest is, you’ll find endless podcast episodes to listen in on. If you love true crime and conspiracies check out Mile Higher. If you love everyday southern living chats, check out Say It Southern. There are tons of options even for business advice! 

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    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy to hear you’re loving the blog!! You’re going to love the berry cobbler recipe, it’s so yummy! Thank you so much for reading!