How to Create a Cozy Living Room without Breaking the Bank

A cozy living room is a space full of simplicity, soft colors, and different textures. Whether you want to unwind with a good book, host gatherings, or enjoy a tv show, it’ll be the perfect space to relax. In this article, I’m sharing practical tips to help you transform your living room into a place that’s equally comfortable and inviting. Discover how to achieve a cozy living room that reflects your style without breaking the bank.

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When we moved into our current rental townhome, we didn’t have much money or furniture. After being in college for 4 years and traveling full-time for a bit after graduation, our belongings together fit into six medium-sized totes. Our first night here we ate supper on the floor and slept on an air mattress. We didn’t even have a tv haha! However, I didn’t want our lack of furniture and tiny budget to stop us from having a cozy, inviting home.

So I began researching to find the best deals and simple strategies to create a cozy space with a tight budget. I ended up finding tons of information and fell in love with home styling which is why I want to help you create your cozy living room. It can be a little overwhelming to get started which is why I’m sharing everything I know in this blog post.

What is a Cozy Living Room?

A cozy living room is a space that feels comfortable and inviting. It’s a space you love spending time in. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest, insanely decorated space. It’s a reflection of who you are and what you love. It’s important to keep in mind, everyone’s living room will look different because we all have a unique style. Don’t feel pressured to make your living room look a certain way. This space should reflect you and make you cozy (and of course your loved ones living with you). It doesn’t matter what other people think, it’s what you love.

Source: Plum Branch Home

What Makes a Living Room Feel Cozy?

It’s quite simple when creating a cozy living room. Add textures such as knitted blankets and shaggy rugs. As well as adding a few plants and bringing organization to the space. You want this space to feel calm and simple, not over styled. Another important note is to choose one style and color palette. I love neutrals and earthy color palettes for a cozy space. It’s soft on the eye and creates a sense of calm. If you prefer more vibrant colors, no problem, choose one bold color and add in a few neutrals to help soften it.

How Do You Make a Living Room Cozy on a Budget?

When creating a cozy living room it doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether your room is already full of furniture or you’re starting from scratch, you can keep it budget-friendly.

  1. Decide on a Budget
  2. Repurpose as much furniture as you can
  3. Try DIY projects instead of purchasing
  4. Visit thrift stores or online marketplaces for used items
  5. Do your research (find a specific item you like and search on Google for all the stores carrying something similar and choose an affordable one)
  6. Find coupons, shop sales, and even email companies asking if they’ve got any discounts available
  7. Never settle, if you can’t find what you want keep looking
  8. Read 10 Online Home Goods Stores For Quality Products On A Budget for the best budget-friendly stores to shop
Source: Plum Branch Home

Creating a Cozy Living Room Ideas

Choose One Style

When styling your cozy living room go over to Pinterest and choose one decor style. For example, if you choose the style of modern organic with neutrals and earthy colors you’ll pick items and colors that are creamy, earthy, and simple. Choosing a style gives you guidelines that simplify the process.

Focus on Furniture

If you don’t have furniture yet, choose something durable and on the neutral side if you’re going with an earthy color scheme. When your walls are painted in a brighter color, it’s best to opt for a neutral couch. If you want to add a pop of color and can’t paint your walls opt for a colorful couch and keep the accents neutral to create a focal point in the room.

When you choose accent furniture either keep the colors similar or choose the accent chairs in a color that fits with your couch. You want to keep the colors cohesive so it’s soft on the eye. If you already have furniture, don’t get new if the budget is taught. Instead, focus on adding texture or get a couch cover in a new color to save money! P.S. You don’t need to get a furniture set to create a cohesive look.

Add Textures

Adding textures to a living room creates a cozy feel more than anything. If you don’t have much money to style your room focus on adding texture. You can do this by adding a few knitted blankets on the accent chairs, a shaggy rug, and a few jute storage bins.

Source: Plum Branch Home

Add Rugs

Adding a rug to your living room makes a huge impact when creating a cozy atmosphere. It brings a room together. Choosing the right rug is so important. Make sure you pick the perfect size for your furniture and room size. The general rule is to keep the furniture’s front legs on the rug. If you have a longer room as we do, keep the tv stand off the rug and create a sitting space to the side with your accent chairs.

For rug colors, you can get super fun if you have neutral furniture. For example, you could choose a colorful vintage rug with pops of color in your style palette. If you have bright-colored furniture it’s best to go with a neutral rug. Also adding a shaggy textured rug can enhance the cozy feel. I do want to mention if you have carpet you can still add a rug just keep it in the room’s color palette and a different texture.

Prioritize Organization

A few inexpensive organizer totes can go a long way. If you’ve got a gaming system, like my husband, it doesn’t have to make your tv stand look bad. Add a mini cloth storage organizer beside the console for controllers, microphones, and cords. It’ll help keep the area looking clean. If you’ve got kiddos, keep natural-colored cotton rope bins along a wall for an organized space when playtime is over. If you’ve got extra blankets, grab a woven jute basket and place it beside an accent chair for storage.

Add Plants

Plants aren’t for everyone but a few can go a long way when creating a cozy living room. My favorites for this space are Fiddleleaf Fig Trees, ZZ Plant, Snake Plants, and Spider Plants. If you don’t want live plants you could opt for fake ones. If you choose this option be sure to get quality faux plants so they don’t draw too much of an eye.

Neutral Pet Items

If you have furry friends, as we do, their items don’t have to be an eyesore. Purchase neutral-colored dog beds, lofts, and kennel covers to keep your room styled. I love light browns and greys so they blend in rather than sticking out.

Keep It Simple

Lastly, KEEP IT SIMPLE. If you aren’t sure, wait and think it over. Also when you’re not 100% in love with an item don’t get it. These are simple home-style tips to help you reduce the overwhelm in your mind and your room.

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