How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook (Without Buying Anything)

Did you know you can create a cozy reading nook in your home with items you already have? Of course, if you just moved in you’ll need to make a few purchases. Otherwise, you probably have what you need. From a throw blanket to a place to sit your coffee, creating a cozy reading nook is easier than you may think!

sitting area with a plant and gardening book
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The day we moved into our townhome rental, I envisioned having a cozy reading nook by the living room windows. It’s a space to relax, sip some coffee, and burry my nose into a good book. It took 6 months to make that space the nook I was envisioning but it was so worth it!

That’s why I’m sharing the simple steps I took to create a reading nook from scratch. The best part is you probably have these items in your home. Get creative, repurpose items, or if needed shop for pieces to get started. If you need a few items, visit budget-friendly home goods stores to save money.

Anatomy of a Cozy Reading Nook

  • Unused corner or nook in your home
  • Cozy chair
  • Throw pillow or even your sleeping pillow
  • Throw blanket
  • Indoor plant
  • Surface to put snacks and drinks
  • Lighting
  • Books
empty corner of the house
Source: Plum Branch Home

Choosing the Right Spot

When choosing the corner or nook to create a reading area, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Find a corner that tucks you out of the main space of your home. Also keep natural light in mind. If this isn’t possible that’s okay!

reading chair
Source: Plum Branch Home

Choosing a Reading Nook Chair

If you have a sitting chair or recliner you can use, definitely repurpose it or make it a multiuse item. But if you’re starting from scratch or the budget allows, choose a chair that is comfy and goes with your space. You want this space to be coherent with the rest of your home so it feels relaxing!

chair with footstool and pillow
Source: Plum Branch Home

Adding a Pillow

I’m not sure if you’re a throw pillow fan or not but adding a pillow to your cozy reading nook is a game changer. I personally have a love hate relationship with throw pillows and my husband 100% dislikes them. For me they have to be useful, not in the way, and must go with my decor style.

For our reading nook we do not have throw pillows, instead I take an extra pillow off our bed and use it in the nook. I ensure the pillow case is coherent with our space and it looks beautiful. You can do the same or add a throw pillow if that’s your thing!

cozy chair with pillow and blanket
Source: Plum Branch Home

Layering a Blanket

Is a reading nook complete if it doesn’t have a blanket? I’d say no! Adding a blanket to your nook not only makes it more cozy but it also adds a layer of texture making the space look beautiful. I suggest a knitted blanket that’s either a neutral color or goes with the colors in your space.

sitting area with a chair, plant, pillow, and blanket
Source: Plum Branch Home

Adding a Plant

Plants are the perfect way to add a pop of earthy color and create a relaxing vibe. We have a Fiddle Leaf Fig in our cozy reading nook and it complements the space perfectly.

If you don’t have room for an end table or coffee table, an indoor tree is the perfect way to go. Think Fiddle Leaf Fig, Money Tree, and even a ZZ Plant. If you do have room for a stand of some sort, you can choose any houseplant you love.

up close view of the plant with nook in the background
Source: Plum Branch Home

Finding a Place to Put your Coffee

This brings me to finding a place in your reading nook to sit down drinks and snacks. Right now we’re using the window ledge to hold coffee and water while reading. You can do the same or add a coffee table or small stand to the nook.

floor lamp
Source: Plum Branch Home

Ensuring Good Lighting

Lighting may be the most important part of your reading nook. If you can situate your nook close to a window that’s a great way to utilize natural light during the day. If you can’t do this no worries! You’ll probably want to add a lamp or small book light anyway for nighttime reading. Here’s 3 different lighting options to consider:

  • natural light from outside
  • lamp
  • book light

Book Storage

And finally you’ll want a pile of good books for your cozy reading nook! You can either store them in a separate space or nearby on a shelf or in a basket. We usually rent books from the local library so they’re stored in a separate space while not reading.

sitting area with a coffee mug on the window area, a pillow, a blanket, a plant, and a gardening book
Source: Plum Branch Home

Final Thoughts on Creating a Reading Nook

I hope you create a cozy reading nook of your own to enjoy good books, sip your favorite drinks, and slow down. It’s such a great space to relax and destress. Happy reading!

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