How To Manage Dog Fur for a Clean Home

Managing dog fur around your home is simple when using easy strategies. From vacuuming your couch to using a conditioner spray, these tools will help you keep a tidy home. I use each one constantly to manage our Doberman Pinscher’s shedding.

sweeper with a doberman pinscher on his bed in beside the couch
Source: Plum Branch Home (Pictured: Moose our Doberman)

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With a few tips and a little effort, you can keep on top of dog fur in your house. No one likes living in a fur-covered space. Trust me the little bit of work is worth it. Also it’s important to stay away from perfection. It’s okay if your house isn’t 100% fur free.

bissell sweeper on a rug
Source: Plum Branch Home

Vacuum Main Areas Frequently

This may sound like a well-known fact but it’s so important. Always keep your home vacuumed but even more in the high-traffic areas. I vacuum and mop our entire house once a week.

However, I vacuum every other day in our kitchen and living room. It doesn’t take long and makes a huge difference. We have a Bissell vacuum, it was affordable and does a great job of removing dog hair on all surfaces.

Wash Pet Beds and Blankets Weekly

Washing your dog’s bed and blankets cuts down on fur more than you’d think. If I go a week without washing our pups items, dog hair ends up everywhere! Not only does washing once a week reduce fur but also any odors. It’s a win-win.

sweeper attachment sweeping the couch
Source: Plum Branch Home

Clean the Couch Weekly

No matter what couch you have, if you’ve got an indoor dog don’t forget to clean it. If you’ve got leather material, take a damp rag across the cushions to collect any pet hair. If you’ve got material, like we do, use the brush attachment on your sweeper in circular motions over each cushion.

You can buy a couch cover or lay down a blanket when your pet joins you to snuggle. I always recommend using a cover that is close in color with your couch and storing it away when not it use.

Dust Weekly

I know you’re probably thinking, “well that isn’t going to happen” but hear me out. Dog fur tends to cling to surfaces such as base boards, light fixtures, and anything else sitting out. If you do a quick dust once a week you’re able to stay on top of excess hair floating around.

doberman pinscher with a hand holding a dog brush in front
Source: Plum Branch Home (pictured: Moose our Doberman)

Brush Your Dog Outside

I’m guilty of brushing our dog inside, especially when it’s mid-summer here in the South. Every time I kick myself for doing it. Always brush your dog outside at least once per week. It reduces shedding and keeps their coat healthy. For Moose’s short hair, we have a silicon brush and it works great.

hand holding scouts honor probiotic spray in front of a doberman pinscher
Source: Plum Branch Home (Pictured: Moose our Doberman)

Use a Coat Spray on your Dog

One of the biggest game changers for managing dog fur is coat sprays. At a self-serve pet wash station, a kind lady gave us this tip. If you choose a pet-friendly spray, it not only keeps their coat healthy and smelling good but also reduces shedding. Why not reduce the mess before it happens?

We’ve used SKOUT’S HONOR fragrance-free coat spray for a few years now and love it. Moose has sensitive skin which is why we love keeping his skin safe and coat healthy.

Choose Items with Your Pet in Mind

When choosing furniture for your home keep in mind what type of pets you have or will have in the future. If your dog has dark fur, don’t get a white couch. Same as if your dog has light fur, don’t get a black couch.

The best rule of thumb is choosing pieces that are both cohesive to your design style and work well with pets.

Managing Dog Fur Conclusion

Managing dog fur doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a little effort, you’ll be able to keep a clean and tidy home. The little bit of effort is so worth having furry friends around!

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