Ways to Make Morning Coffee More Enjoyable

A morning coffee is much more than a beverage. It’s a morning routine, a ritual. Maybe you’ve been enjoying coffee for a long time or you’re just starting to drink it. In this blog post I’m walking you through what makes the best morning coffee, how to choose the right roast and beans, and even my favorite brands. Let’s dive right in!

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What Makes the Best Morning Coffee?

What makes the best morning coffee isn’t one specific thing, it’s many. From the type of coffee maker you use to the roast of beans and even how you grind them. Not only is it the specifics of the cup, it’s the intention behind this morning coffee time. If you pour a cup but spend your morning simultaneously drinking it and running around, it won’t be enjoyable.

Best Coffee Maker

There are so many different types of coffee makers. From the original drip machine to coffee in a tea bag for camping. The different methods really do make a difference in the taste. A cup of French press coffee will be more robust, and full of flavor compared to a cup from the drip machine. In my opinion the French press is the best coffee machine you can use. It’s simple but tastes so darn good.

There’s also pour over, AeroPress, expresso, stovetop (like an Italian maker), and so many others. The one tip I do have is don’t use a Keurig or any single serve capsule coffee makers. These will 100% take all the flavor out of your morning coffee.

coffee beans in a bag
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Best Coffee Beans

When it comes to coffee beans, it all boils down to the source and your personal taste. I could sit here and tell you an organic medium roast from Colombia is the best you’ll find but that’s simply my opinion. To find the perfect beans for you, I’m diving into different roasts, regions, and why organic beans matter.

Choose a Roast

There are three main types of coffee bean roasts: light, medium, and dark. Then there are the middle roasts such as light/medium and medium/dark. When raw coffee beans are harvested they’re actually green and taste a bit “grassy” like a tea. These raw beans can be brewed without being roasted but they won’t have that delicious flavor we all love. These raw beans will also have much more acid in them than the roasted types.

A light roast contains more acid, makes a light-colored coffee, and has a subtle flavor profile. Many people new to coffee, start off with this and some end up staying with it forever. The medium roast is smack dab in the middle giving it a deeper flavor profile and less acid. The dark roast is the most roasted bean with the least acid. If you suffer from acid reflux or stomach issues, a dark roast might just become your favorite. These beans create a dark, full-body morning coffee with a rich flavor profile. It’s not for everyone but those who love it won’t ever give it up!

Choose a Region

Did you know regions matter when it comes to coffee beans? The area the beans are grown affects the flavor profile. Everything from the altitude to the weather. Coffee grown in Sumatra, Brazil, and Peru have lower acid content than other areas of the world. To figure out what region you enjoy the most, I suggest trying a bit of everything. My advice is to start with beans from Colombia or Peru. Those are always delicious!

Organic Matters

Organic coffee beans really do matter. Not only for the taste but for your health and the earth. Did you know 97% of coffee in the world contains pesticides and mold that you’re drinking each morning? That is why it’s important to drink organic coffee always. I could write about this topic for hours but we’ll leave that for another time. P.S. The taste of organic coffee is outstanding.

Best Coffee Bean Brands

These brands are all certified organic and carry a wide variety of roasts and flavors to choose from. My #1 favorite coffee company that I’ve ever tried is Dean’s Beans. They not only care about sustainability for our earth but they ensure fair trade and also give back to small coffee farmers around the world. My second favorite coffee company is Peace Coffee, they implement certified organic and fair trade beans, and taste amazing! You can find a few of their options in Target. Finally, my third favorite coffee brand is Montana Coffee Traders. This coffee company has organic beans as well as gives back to Glacier National Park to preserve trails. I’ve had the privilege of visiting their café in Whitefish Montana many times. It has a very special place in my heart!

coffee grinder
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Best Coffee Grinder

You can purchase coffee beans either already ground or whole beans. The whole bean will give you a fresh flavor that the already ground does not. If you’re looking to up your morning coffee, choose whole beans and grind them in the morning when making your coffee. There are a few different types of coffee grinders. There’s an electric version and a manual version. My personal favorite is manual grinding simply because it grinds the beans rather than blending them up. This allows the oils and flavors to really come alive.

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Experiment with Cream & Flavors

Adding cream and flavors can be so much fun! It really depends on your unique taste buds. For me, if had to choose the perfect flavor for my coffee I’d use oat milk and hazelnut.

One piece of advice I also love to share is, the type of cream/milk you add gives you the consistency you’d like, and the flavor will enhance and pair with the beans to create an overall flavor profile. Oat milk will give you a smooth texture while dairy and almond will be a little more watery. Play around with a few options and find what you like best!

mug of coffee being held over a rug
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Be Intentional with Your Coffee Time

Instead of pouring your morning coffee and blasting off into the day ahead, be intentional with your time. So many people wake up, rush around to get dressed, and go full speed ahead into the day. I know we’re all busy and there’s always something needing done but hear me out.

When it comes to your morning coffee, make this a time for you. Whether you get up an hour early for work or 20 minutes, reserve some time for your “coffee me-time”, it’ll change the way you go about your day. Use that time to watch your favorite show like New Girl, write in a gratitude journal, or quietly sip your coffee while watching birds outside the window.

coffee in a mug on a wood table
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Pick the Perfect Cup

Of course, I had to include picking the perfect cup. We all have that favorite cup but if you’re new to drinking coffee or want to change things up get yourself something fun! I feel like coffee cups are a representation of your personality. I love mugs that are earthy colors and are plain or have little dots. Here are a few fun options to browse:

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