Season 1, Episode 1 – Easy Houseplants for Your Home

Did you know Venus Flytraps can be fed bugs and snake plants are succulents? I had no idea until I brought them home. In this first episode, I’m diving deep into how houseplants can make your space feel like home. I’m sharing my favorite plants that are easy to care for and make a space feel cozy.

In This Episode I Cover

  • Easy plants for your home
  • What plants can do for your living space
  • My favorite easy houseplants
  • Money tree (in our office)
  • Snake plants (filtration)
  • Venus fly trap (kitchen)
  • Mini orchid (add color)
  • Jade plants (living room)
  • Fiddle leaf fig (fills space)
  • ZZ plant (bedroom) 

Resources Mentioned

DIY Nontoxic Plant Fertilizer

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