Season 1, Episode 3 – 5 Nontoxic Swaps To Get You Started

Eliminating every single toxin in our homes is overwhelming and nearly impossible. That’s why I’m sharing five things I would swap if I were just starting today.

In This Episode, I Talk About

  • Dangers of toxins in the home
  • Why fragrances are harmful
  • Looking for harmful ingredients
  • My experience with swapping to unscented low-tox items
  • What to look for (the EWG certification)
  • 5 easy ways to start reducing toxins
    • Body wash swap
    • Deodorant swap
    • Dish soap swap
    • Toothpaste swap
    • Hand soap swap
  • How to start today without the overwhelm

Resources Mentioned

Low Tox Products We Use

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Nontoxic Things We Swap and Make at Home

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