Episode 6 – Southern Ways to Keep a Home

When you walk into a Southern home, it feels so warm and welcoming, and that’s for a few reasons. From family heirlooms to embracing color, these Southern ways make a home feel so special. 

In This Episode, I Talk About

  • Family heirlooms
    • my grandma’s silverware & pie dish
    • my mom’s apple core and peeler stand & kitchen tools
  • Add houseplants to rooms to make them feel bright and welcoming
    • snake plants are the best fillers
    • fiddle leaf figs, zz plants, peace lilly’s are good big filler plants for large empty spaces
  • Don’t be afraid of color
    • embrace earthy color shades for a welcoming, peaceful space
      • light blues, greens, yellows, terracottas
  • Organize and store away junk for a clean, fresh looking home
    • if everything has a bin or is store away you can have stuff but it looks like you alway clean 
  • Don’t be afraid to enjoy nice things
    • china – dishes – glasswear
    • nice furniture but that’s not easy to ruin
  • Monogramming makes anything more elegant
    • monogram sign in our kitchen (love that)
    • want to get monogrammed towels 


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