Episode 7 – Switching to a Wholesome Pantry

In our house, we don’t count calories. We don’t eat a bag of kale every day, and we don’t keep up with the latest food trends. Instead, we stick to wholesome food made from scratch.

In This Episode, I Talk About

  • today’s world of dieting and fads
  • saying no to it all & listening to my body
  • whole foods from scratch focus
  • cooking and baking from scratch
  • eating everything is in moderation
  • eliminating boxed and processed foods
  • wholesome ingredients (organic when possible)
    • unbleached & wheat flour
    • pasta (organic white & wheat)
    • organic pasture-raised eggs
    • honey, maple syrup, pure cane sugar
    • brown rice
    • sourdough baked goods
    • butter and dairy
    • homemade cashew cream/milk
    • canned full fat coconut milk (no additives)
    • organic grass-fed beef (or local beef)
    • no antibiotic chicken (organic is best if you can afford it)
    • uncured ham, bacon, and meats 
    • organic fruits and veggies
    • nuts and seeds
    • no additives and preservatives dried fruits
  • don’t overthink, your body will tell you


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