Episode 8 – Advice for moving away from your hometown

When people ask us why we moved to Tennessee, I could share our story about visiting Nashville for the first time and telling Tyler, “I don’t know how, but we’re going to live here someday.” Or I could share that while we were traveling, it was one of our favorite states in the US. Both are true, but the real reason was that we felt God calling us to Middle Tennessee, so we took the leap of faith.

In This Episode, I Talk About

  • Our story of moving from Indiana to Tennessee
    • Noticing God’s calling to move
    • Praying a ton before making a decision
    • Taking a leap of faith
    • Letting yourself feel hard feelings during the transition
    • Settling in a little bit at a time
    • Joining a church & getting involved in the community
    • Making friends and supporting local businesses
  • Advice for moving away from your hometown
    • Pray a lot
    • Listen to your gut (I believe this is God’s voice)
    • Do it scared and allow yourself to feel the hard things
    • Unpack right away, don’t wait
    • Start making meals at home ASAP and bake your favorite treats
    • Make your new home cozy and decorate with what you have
    • Join a local church
    • Setup your dentist and eye doctor appointments as soon as you can
    • Find your new hairdresser and grocery stores
    • Attend community events big or small
    • Walk around your neighborhood often
    • Make it a priority to keep in touch with those you love back home
    • Keep praying and keep an open mind


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