The Art of Imperfect Homemaking (Best Advice)

Let’s face it – life isn’t always flawless, and that’s perfectly okay! Did your sourdough bread turn out flat? No worries! Transform it into a delightful bread pudding. Is your laundry heaped in a corner waiting to be folded? Take your time, and get to it when you can. Imperfect homemaking is genuine, not a staged display for Instagram. We understand that life’s highlights come with both ups and downs, and those unfiltered moments are brimming with joy!

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In this blog post, we’re here to share the essence of imperfect homemaking and everything you need to know about it. Embracing imperfections is not only liberating but also crucial for a world that often strives to conceal its flaws. So let’s celebrate the beauty of imperfection together, and discover the art of imperfect homemaking.

What is Homemaking?

Homemaking is a deeply personal journey and you have the power to define it in your own unique way. Never allow anyone to belittle you or make you feel inferior because you prioritize serving and caring for your loved ones. It’s a precious gift that you carry, and it holds immense value.

Whether you have a career, a job, a business, or solely dedicate yourself to homemaking, you are incredible. Your choices and efforts are to be celebrated, no matter the path you walk. Whether you work full-time or not, managing a home, cooking meals, and caring for your loved ones, is nothing short of amazing.

Homemaking is a tapestry woven with imperfections, and it’s these flaws that add to its beauty. Embrace the hiccups along the way, for they are what make your journey uniquely yours and genuinely beautiful.

Handling Everyday Imperfections

The key is to embrace the imperfections and take things one step at a time. Here’s a simple approach that can help: Grab a sheet of paper and jot down all the tiny tasks that need to be done for the day. Stick to that list and focus on completing those tasks. If you happen to notice other things that need attention, add them to the list for tomorrow.

For example, today I have a list waiting for me after work: vacuum the inside of the vehicle, clean the bathrooms, make sanitizer spray, and return library books. I’ve noticed that the floors need sweeping and the garden needs watering, but I’m putting those tasks on tomorrow’s list.

Home Style and Design Imperfection

Embrace the charm of your home, even in the not-so-pretty areas, with these homestyle and design tips. You may not have your dream home just yet, but you can certainly make your current space look and feel amazing. That’s exactly what my husband and I are doing in our rental – transforming it into a place we love while saving for our dream house on acreage. Here are some imperfect home style and design tips you can try in your own space:

  1. Brighten up darker corners with houseplants that thrive in low-light conditions.
  2. Create a cozy atmosphere by placing a rug under your bed and couch.
  3. Cover a less appealing wall with a gallery of photos you love – a personal touch that adds warmth and character.
  4. Turn a small, dreary bathroom into a lively oasis with a bright shower curtain, a lantern essential oil diffuser, and matching towels.
  5. Spruce up a dingy front door with a welcoming doormat and a potted plant, instantly enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Sourdough Baking Imperfections

Sourdough baking is one of the most imperfect things you’ll ever do. That’s what makes it so fun and exciting! You never know how each loaf will come out of the oven. When your loaf doesn’t turn out, don’t throw it away. Instead make a banana bread pudding, sourdough bread crumbs, or have imperfect garlic toast as a side to cajun chicken alfredo.

Cooking from Scratch Imperfections

When you’re cooking meals from scratch, it’s completely normal for things to turn out imperfect – and that’s perfectly okay! Embracing the imperfections in the kitchen is part of the learning process and can lead to delicious discoveries. Here are some simple tips to handle common cooking mishaps:

  1. Gravy too thick? No worries! Just add a little milk gradually while stirring to achieve your desired consistency.
  2. Soup too runny? You can easily thicken it by mixing a small amount of non-GMO cornstarch with water until smooth, then slowly add it to the soup while simmering. Stir continuously until the desired thickness is reached.
  3. Taste adjustment: If you feel the flavors are not quite there, don’t hesitate to add more spices or seasonings. Start with a little at a time, taste, and adjust until it’s perfect for your palate.

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