The Best Kitchen Gadgets for Easy and Healthy Eating

The best kitchen gadgets aren’t high-tech or extremely expensive. They’re the ones that are most unexpected and overlooked. I learned what many of these items were as I helped my mom in the kitchen growing up.

The others I’ve acquired through college and now here in our townhome. I love cooking, baking, and bread making! These 10 items are not only super helpful but also make healthy eating easier than ever. Let’s dive in!

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Food Processor

Having a food processor in your kitchen is among one of the most important things. It allows you to make homemade breadcrumbs, tomato sauce, cashew cream, and so much more. Having one of these in your kitchen helps you make nutritious and delicious foods from scratch. Food processors are a little different than blenders but they have a lot in common. You would normally use a blender for drinks and a food processor for basically everything else. There’s also a few models that have the two into one item.

Garlic Press

Have you heard of a garlic press? For as long as I can remember my mom has always used a garlic press and now so do I. It basically is a tool that minces fresh garlic cloves without the hassle. By adding fresh garlic to dishes you get a delicious savory flavor that’s lacking from garlic powder. Fresh garlic also has tons of health benefits like lowering cholesterol.

Apple Wedge Slicer

An apple wedge slicer is a kitchen gadget that slices a whole apple into small slices and takes out the core all at once. This makes snacking on apples quickly and simple. You can also use an apple wedge slicer to cut up apples for apple pie, cobbler, and apple sauce.

Mini Enamel Pot

In our house have eliminated the use of a microwave. If cancer patients are being told to stop using microwaves then why are we using them? Not to mention the health issues caused by reheating food in plastic. That’s why this mini enamel pot is so helpful. You can use it to heat anything and everything! Melt the butter for popcorn, make hot chocolate, reheat coffee, warm milk, and even cook a mug cake.

Stainless Steel Kettle

To go along with the mini enamel pot to reduce microwave usage, a stainless steel kettle is another kitchen gadget everyone needs. Heat water for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other uses. It’s important to choose a pure stainless steel kettle to protect your body from harmful substances. The All-Clad brand is one of my favorites. We currently have their 2-quart kettle and love it.

Bread Cloche

The bread cloche is like a Dutch oven but better. This is a flat pan with a dome lid that allows bread items to bake with a crust. Many times when people begin making bread they can’t figure out why there’s no crust. It’s only achievable with a bread cloche or Dutch oven. When you invest in a bread cloche you’ll finally be able to make your homemade loaves, buns, rolls, and other bread-like items. The investment is worth it!

Cheese Grater

A $12 cheese grater from target changed my life. No, seriously it did! Already shredded cheese you buy in bags at the grocery store are full of additives and anti-caking agents that aren’t great for our bodies. That’s why some cheeses don’t melt very well. So instead of buying that stuff, grab an inexpensive cheese grater and grate your own! It’s cheaper to buy blocks of cheese and so much better for you. P.S. you can also use a cheese grater to grate potatoes for homemade hash browns!

Bench Scraper

I never knew I needed a bench scraper until I used one and now I can’t cook without it. This kitchen gadget makes transferring chopped veggies simple, cleaning up the kitchen counters quick, and moving dough simple. It’s such an overlooked tool that everyone needs.

Mini Waffle Iron

If you buy frozen waffles for breakfast you need this kitchen gadget! We love making homemade mini waffles on the weekend and freezing the extras for a quick weekday breakfast. It’ll save you money and it’s so much healthier to make your own. We love doing regular, chocolate chip, and blueberry waffles.

Chopping Knife

If you love veggies you need a chopping knife! I always used a smaller knife to chop vegetables until I learned how to use a chopping knife. It makes cutting up onions, lettuce, and even nuts a breeze. This is the knife you’ve probably seen chefs on tv use when they are chopping super fast. You’ll look and feel just like a pro with this in your kitchen!

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  1. 5 ⭐️’s on these items, I have most of these and I love them!! Now to get the ones I don’t have.
    These items help make cooking at home easier!