The Most Affordable Natural Makeup Brands You Need to Try

Natural makeup brands are so much more than the natural look, they’re protecting our bodies and the environment. There are so many terrible chemicals riddling makeup these days. From synthetic ingredients to fragrances disrupting our hormones.

Ever notice the acne that comes from wearing makeup? That’s not normal. One of my most horrifying studies found PFAS chemicals in USA makeup that can cause cancer. Ladies why are we settling for this, we deserve better.

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I don’t wear makeup every day but I do love getting dulled up for date nights! Over the past 6 years I’ve tried different brands but never really loved any of them until I found Well People. This brand is 100% nontoxic, using natural ingredients in every single product they create. I found them after hours of research online trying to find an affordable, nontoxic makeup brand that has values aligning with my own. In this blog post, I’m sharing my findings so you can easily choose a brand that’s best for you!

What is Natural Makeup?

Natural makeup is makeup made without harmful ingredients. Many natural makeup brands can be identified through label certification on the bottle or container such as an EWG certification. The certifications are what verifies the makeup is nontoxic rather than the brand tricking you: also known as greenwashing. The best natural makeup is plant-powered, cruelty-free, dermatologist-developed, and of course, has the EWG certification. This all protects you from putting harmful chemicals on your body that are found in many popular makeup brands.

Why is Natural Makeup Important?

Natural makeup is extremely important not only for our skin health but for the rest of our overall health. If we’re putting on makeup laced with toxic chemicals that disrupt hormones and can even cause cancer, we’re harming ourselves. We shouldn’t have to put up with toxic chemicals in our makeup but here we are so we must do something to avoid them.

For more information on harmful ingredients, check out The Mesothelioma Center’s guide on asbestos in makeup, Lanier Law Firm’s guide on talc linked to ovarian cancer, and Consumer Notice’s research findings on PFAS in Cosmetics. These guides are helpful resources full of research to help you learn more!

Best Natural Makeup Brands

It can be tricky to find certified natural makeup brands that aren’t tricking you with their marketing. Because of this, I’ve created a list of brands that are some of the best out there. Find which one fits your values and style and make the switch to protect yourself. I currently use Well People and love every single one of their products! Now it’s time to find out which one is best for you.

Well People

Well People’s mission is to create beauty from the inside out by producing plant-based makeup that improves skin health and respects the planet. They use ingredients such as green tea and broccoli seed oil to keep true to their mission. Well People’s makeup has been named award-winning for years and we can see why by the affordability and quality of each item in their line! My favorites are their bio-pressed powder foundation and expressionist volumizing mascara.


ILIA creates its makeup with a core belief that skin should look like skin and radiance comes naturally. This line of makeup is created as skincare to protect skin health from environmental stressors. If you love sustainability, you’ll love their packaging. ILIA uses recycled resources to give items a second life. Their super serum skin tint is an all-time favorite!

Alima Pure

Alima Pure’s core value is one of my favorites: “Makeup should enhance what you love most about yourself without hiding who you are.” This brand focuses on green-sourced renewable energy when creating its products as well as using the cleanest ingredients possible. This brand also has refillable containers to help our environment. A fan favorite is their velvet lipstick which comes in many different shades.

Elate Beauty

Elate Beauty is uncovering the truth that the beauty industry wants you to feel bad about yourself. That’s why they have a core mission to help you feel beautiful just as you are with and without makeup! They’re working to enhance confidence, reduce waste, and change the world through their beauty line. One of their most popular items is the pressed eye color.

The Organic Skin Co

The Organic Skin Co was born in New Zealand by a naturopath who deeply cares about the environment, health, and of course natural beauty. The core mission of Organic Skin Co is to create makeup from the earth rather than a laboratory. To source the organic ingredients they work with organic community farms to ensure quality and environmental protection. A popular item is The Good Oil face oil made with honeysuckle and turmeric.


Izzy is the world’s first zero-waste beauty line that not only protects the earth from waste but also our skin from toxins! Each product is reusable, recyclable, and certified Carbon Neutral. Each item is carefully crafted to ensure the best possible quality. A fan favorite is the zero waste mascara.

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