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Source: Plum Branch Home by Molly LaFontaine

Why Work with Molly from Plum Branch Home?

I’m bringing half a decade of expertise in blogging, recipe development, and food photography to the online world. As a freelancer, I’m here to make the culinary journey delightful and stress-free. Every recipe, every photo, and every word is crafted with a genuine passion for food.

I bring a proven track record of dedication and skill, ensuring your project becomes a flavorful success. As founder of my food + lifestyle blog, Plum Branch Home, I create and share recipes from scratch made with wholesome ingredients and simplified steps on a weekly basis.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Interested in working with Plum Branch Home? Let’s team up for some creative projects! Whether you’re a brand, a publication, or a fellow creator, I’m open to partnerships that bring exciting ideas to the table. We typically focus on recipe development and content for Instagram, blog, YouTube, Pinterest and podcast.

Recipe Development & Food Photography

Add new ideas, free up valuable time, and reduce your work load with my recipe development and food photography services. I create simple, tasty dishes and capture them in mouthwatering photos, perfectly showcasing your brand or vision.

Food Writing

Either along with my recipe development and food photography services or by itself, free up valuable time with my food writing service for blog posts and articles. Each piece shares engaging stories that connect with your audience on a personal level.

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