Together let’s make home a priority by cooking from scratch, baking with sourdough, and keeping a holistic home

Hey, I’m Molly!

I’m a faith-driven wife living in the rolling hills outside Nashville, Tennessee. I’m sharing the joys of keeping a home with intention and living a slow, Southern life. I hope to inspire you to make your home a priority, whether you rent or own, live in the city or on acreage, or are just getting started.

collage of baked scones, a warm drinks being held, a houseplant, and a living room photo

Pursue a slow life where home is a priority

Any home, even an imperfect one, can bring you comfort, love, safety, and peace if it’s full of food from scratch, gut-healthy baked goods, a holistic home environment, and a whole lot of Jesus.

Start saving money on groceries

Get my 10 best practical tips for saving money on groceries each month. Grocery shopping doesn’t have to break the bank.

Make your own sourdough starter

It’s super easy and free! Grab a copy of our guide and get started. A sourdough starter will help you save money, bake healthier treats, and it allows you to make more recipes with us here on the blog!

try your hand at gardening: