Hey, I’m Molly!

I’m so happy you’re here! I’m a faith-driven wife living in the rolling hills outside Nashville, Tennessee. I’m sharing the joys of keeping a home with intention and living a slow, Southern life. 

I wholeheartedly believe an imperfect home can bring comfort, love, safety, and peace if it’s full of wholesome food from scratch, gut-healthy baked goods, a holistic home environment, and a whole lot of Jesus.

My blog, Plum Branch Home, is a place where you’ll get inspired to cook from scratch, bake with sourdough, and keep a holistic home.

My YouTube channel is the video version of the blog where you’ll find tutorials to walk you through recipes and projects.

My podcast show, Making It a Home, is a place where I dive deep into all things that make a space feel like home.

Through all of this content, I hope to inspire you to make your home a priority, whether you rent or own, live in the city or on acreage, or are just getting started.

P.S. Each recipe here on PBH is developed in our kitchen by me and tested twice to ensure success. We like to joke that this process has named my husband, Tyler, the official taste tester of Plum Branch Home!

what I believe


Making food from scratch is a form of love to yourself and anyone who enjoys your cooking


A sourdough starter is not only a way to save money and better your health. It’s bringing tradition back to the modern day


When we prioritize home, we’re creating peace, safety, love, and comfort for ourselves and others

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    Check Out my Podcast Show

    On the Making It a Home podcast, I dive deep into all sorts of topics that make a space feel like home. From sourdough baking tips to holistic homemaking ideas, you never know what you’ll find in these episodes. Put in an earbud or turn up the speakers; this podcast show is the perfect listen for solo drives, folding laundry, and washing the dishes!

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    Join our YouTube Community

    Join me for Friday videos and multiple shorts throughout the week! This channel is the video version of the blog. You’ll find recipe tutorials, step-by-step sourdough baking videos, and walk-throughs of DIYs here on the blog.

    Fun Facts About Me:

    • I grew up in northeastern Indiana on a hobby farm with horses, goats, chickens, ducks, and rabbits.
    • I married my high school sweetheart at age 20.
    • We have a Doberman Pinscher named Moose.
    • When we first visited Tennessee, I had a gut feeling we’d live here someday. I just didn’t know how.
    • I’ve traveled to London in the UK, Cape Town in South Africa, and all the lower 48 USA states in a DIY camper van.
    • I’m a self-taught entrepreneur, blogger, YouTuber, podcast host, recipe developer, and sourdough baker.
    • I started blogging in college after getting certified as a holistic nutritionist. That blog turned into a travel content creation business I co-founded with my husband. A few years later, we stopped traveling, sold our van, and I decided not to renew my certification. This journey has brought me to where I am now, using my knowledge of nutrition, cooking, baking, homemaking, and entrepreneurship to create and grow Plum Branch Home!
    • I named Plum Branch Home after a small stream here in middle Tennessee named the Plum Branch. It’s slow, calm, seasonal, and peaceful, which perfectly explains how I intend to keep our home and live my life. 
    • My sourdough starter is named Winston (from one of my favorite shows, New Girl).
    • Brunch is my favorite meal!
    man woman and doberman sitting outside on a deck

    Here are a few of my favorite things:

    • reading cookbooks and the latest issue of Southern Living cover-to-cover
    • yellow daisies and wildflowers
    • lazy weekends in my PJs
    • watching funny sitcoms & cooking shows
    • creamy cups of strong coffee
    • pastries and croissants
    • tacos – especially chipotle pineapple chicken tacos
    • southern comfort food – especially fried chicken
    • little red grapes
    • exploring old cities and historic downtowns
    • house plants and being in nature
    • rom-com fiction books
    • historic homes turned into restaurants and cafes
    • all things natural, earthy, and organic
    • spending time in coffee shops working, chatting, and relaxing
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