10 Easy Sourdough Recipes for Beginners

These 10 easy sourdough recipes for beginners are the perfect way to use your sourdough starter if you’re feeling a bit hesitant. Baking an artisan loaf right out of the gate can feel a tad overwhelming; I know it did when I first started. That’s why I put together ten of my easiest recipes that’ll give you the confidence to dive into your sourdough baking journey!

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Sourdough baking has gained so much popularity over the last year. Many think it’s a trend, but it’s not. It’s a tradition that’s been passed down for hundreds of years. This is the way our ancestors used to make bread. How amazing is that? 

When I first started my sourdough baking journey, I didn’t do it to create blog posts and recipe content. I accidentally stumbled upon a few recipes on Pinterest and went down a rabbit hole. I fell in love with the process and started my very own sourdough starter. Little did I know it would lead to me developing sourdough recipes for my blog to share with you all! 

If you’re just getting started or are still overwhelmed by the sourdough baking process, try one of these simple recipes below. It’ll help you gain confidence and show you how to use your starter.

10 Easy Sourdough Recipes for Beginners

These ten recipes below are super simple to whip up especially if you’re a beginner. The ingredients are wholesome and the steps are simple. Sourdough doesn’t have to be overwhelming, just choose one and dive on in!

stack of pancakes on a plate with syrup
Homemade Sourdough Pancakes
These homemade sourdough pancakes can be whipped up in minutes but taste just like your childhood. With delicious homemade buttermilk, homegrown starter, and a hint of vanilla, you'll fall in love with this recipe. Whether you're looking for the perfect brunch recipe or late-night treat, these pancakes are the perfect choice anytime.
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tortillas in a basket
Easy Sourdough Tortillas
These easy sourdough tortillas from scratch can be made with discard or fed starter. With only 5 simple ingredients, you'll be able to save money and reduce the additives in your food. Do you hate choosing between healthier tortillas and a low price? Now you don't have to! You'll love every bite.
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pie pan with scones in it
Sourdough Jalapeno Cheddar Scones
Sourdough jalapeno cheddar scones are full of shredded cheddar cheese and chunks of fresh jalapeno. Each bite gives the perfect balance of heat and flavor!
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pizza topped with cheese and ham
Sourdough Pizza Crust Recipe From Scratch
Sourdough pizza crust makes some of the best-tasting pizza. The dough has a balanced sourdough tang that pairs well with any topping. You can roll it thin or keep it thick, whatever you like. This is the only recipe we use for at-home pizza night. It's that dang good!
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loaf of bread in a pan on a wire rack cooling
Easy Sourdough Banana Bread From Scratch
My easy sourdough banana bread from scratch can be whipped up in an hour or fermented overnight. The bananas are pureed instead of mashed for the best banana flavor, and a dollop of sour cream makes this bread irresistibly soft. To make it even more special, I use pure maple syrup instead of brown sugar to create a healthier sweetness you'll love. 
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loaf of bread with 2 slices cut off all on a wire rack cooling
Best Sourdough Beer Bread From Scratch
When a sourdough beer bread is made from scratch you just know it's going to be delicious. My recipe uses simplified steps and wholesome ingredients to ensure it's easy to whip up. Each bite is full of tangy sourdough, a light beer taste, and of course delicious bread. Dip a slice in a bowl of soup or eat it with a spread of butter. You'll be sure to love it either way!
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stack of toast with berries on top and maple syrup drizzled
Best Sourdough French Toast From Scratch
The best sourdough French toast is dipped in a creamy vanilla, cinnamon custard. And that's exactly what my recipe does. You get a delicious balance of sourdough tang, sweet vanilla, and hints of cinnamon in every bite. We love whipping up a batch for lunch and drizzling each slice with warm maple syrup!
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stack of waffles
Easy Sourdough Waffles
These sourdough waffles are quick and easy to make, even on the busiest of days. You'll fall in love with the light and fluffy interior while the outsides stay crisp. Not to mention they'll save you money and are better for your health!
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lemon cake on a plate with slices of lemons on top and lemons beside
Simple Sourdough Lemon Pound Cake From Scratch
If you're looking for a simple cake bursting with lemon flavor, this sourdough lemon pound cake is for you. No lack of flavor or overcomplicated steps, finally! This recipe is cherished in our home and I hope it will be in yours as well. Whether you need a dessert for the church potluck or want to brighten a friend's day, this pound cake is just what you're looking for.
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container of scones and a towel below them
Sourdough Chocolate Chip Scones
Indulge in delectable sourdough chocolate chip scones. A perfect blend of tangy sourdough and rich chocolate chips for a treat worth savoring
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Sourdough Recipes for Beginners FAQ

What is the secret to good sourdough bread?

There are three secrets to good sourdough bread. The first is using an active starter that’s been fed for 4–12 hours before being used.

The second is doing two complete rounds of stretching and folding the bread dough to strengthen the gluten and add air to the dough.

The third is allowing the dough to bulk ferment on the counter until it doubles in size, about 10–12 hours; unless it’s really warm in your house, then it may only take 8 hours. 

What should I make with my sourdough starter?

You can make so many different recipes with your starter. From brownies to bread, there’s no limit. I recommend starting with one of the posts mentioned above. They’re super easy for beginners.

What flour is best for a beginner sourdough starter?

The best flour for a beginner sourdough starter is an unbleached all-purpose flour. This is in most grocery stores and doesn’t cost much more than bleached. It’ll help your sourdough starter thrive. For more information on this topic, check out my post: Best Flour for Sourdough Starter Feeding.

Why is sourdough so difficult?

Nurturing a sourdough starter does take time and patience, but I promise it gets easier once you get the hang of it. Check out my post explaining all things sourdough: Sourdough Explained the Simple Way (Sourdough 101).

Does sourdough make recipes healthier?

Yes, the sourdough starter adds gut-healthy cultures to the recipes, especially if you allow the dough or batter to ferment for 12+ hours. 

How long does sourdough starter last?

Sourdough starter can last a lifetime! Many people have had theirs for 30-50 years. You keep feeding it on a regular basis, once per week.

When do you know if your starter has gone bad?

It’s not often a sourdough starter goes bad, but if it does, it’ll turn dark black and/or smell like mildew. If the starter has a gray tint to it and smells good, it’s still safe to use; just give it a feeding.

I want to bake something two days in a row, can I leave my starter on the countertop for both days, and do I have to store it in the fridge in between?

If you’re usually storing the starter in the fridge, you can leave it on the counter for as many days as you’d like to use it. Then put it back in the fridge when you’re ready.

How do you know when your sourdough starter is ready to use?

It’s ready to use when it’s bubbly and has visible bubbles throughout. If it looks like one solid texture, it needs feeding. You can also do the float test. This is where you take a small spoonful of starter and drop it into a glass of water. If it floats, it indicates that the starter is active and ready to use.

What is the key to baking successfully with my sourdough starter?

The key is making sure your starter is fed 4–12 hours before using it if the recipe calls for an active-fed starter. If it doesn’t, you can use discard, which is an unfed starter that hasn’t been fed within 12 hours. 

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