Nontoxic All Purpose Cleaner Spray (Easy 5 Minute DIY)

Introducing the ultimate solution for a worry-free cleaning experience – the nontoxic all purpose cleaner spray. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals lurking in conventional cleaning products and embrace a safer alternative.

By combining the power of pure castile soap, vinegar, and water, you can effortlessly achieve streak-free surfaces. From mirrors and windows to countertops and toilet seats. Not only does this DIY cleaner ensure a sparkling clean home, but it also protects your family from harmful toxins while saving you a significant amount of money.

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During my college years, I experienced dry and cracked hands every time I used Clorox wipes. Using store-bought bathroom cleaners like Scrubbing Bubbles made me feel an enlargement in my thyroid and heaviness in my lungs. It wasn’t until the headaches, thyroid discomfort, and damaged hands became unbearable that I started paying attention to the ingredients in household cleaners. Curiosity led me to a shocking discovery.

I was appalled by the presence of formaldehyde, Triclosan, and VOCs in cleaning products. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) even found a link between these chemicals and serious health problems like cancer. Also the American Lung Association found VOC’s are linked to chronic respiratory illness. If this information feels overwhelming, know that you’re not alone. That’s why, after thorough research, I’ve created a safe DIY cleaner that you can confidently use in your home.

Does this natural cleaner actually work?

Yes, I use this spray throughout our entire house. It’s great for tackling muddy paw prints and cleaning toilet seats. While this all-purpose non-toxic cleaner spray hasn’t been third-party tested for disinfectant properties, it works perfectly for our everyday cleaning needs. Vinegar and castile soap are natural disinfectants, which adds to its effectiveness.

Why make DIY all purpose cleaner spray?

  • Eliminates use of harsh chemicals in the home
  • Protects your family from toxins
  • Saves money
  • No need to ventilate the areas while cleaning
  • Makes everything shiny and feels so clean

Supplies you’ll need

How to make all purpose cleaner spray

  1. First, in a 16 ounce spray bottle add castile soap, and vinegar
  2. Next, add in water and top the bottle with the spray nozzle
  3. Finally, shake the bottle for 20-30 seconds and use when needed

Tips for using this all purpose cleaner spray

Once you’ve prepared your bottle of this natural cleaner spray, grab a regular cloth or opt for a microfiber cloth for enhanced cleaning. Cleaning your surfaces is a breeze—just spray the desired area and wipe it away with a cloth. If you encounter stubborn dirt, allow the spray to sit for 2-5 minutes, letting its magic work. Afterward, use a cloth to wipe off the spray. Before each use shake the bottle a few times to re-combine.

When it comes to your flooring, you have two options: either spray the cleaner directly onto your mop pad or pour a little solution into a glass bowl and soak your mop pad for a few minutes before cleaning. Effortlessly achieve a spotless home with these simple steps!

FAQ for this DIY project

  • How to store this all purpose cleaner spray? Store this DIY cleaner in a cool place out of direct sunlight, like a cabinet, closet, or under the sink.
  • Is there an organic white vinegar brand? I haven’t come across an organic white vinegar brand, but you can use organic apple cider vinegar instead. It works just as well for cleaning!
  • What shouldn’t I use this cleaner on? You can use this cleaner on most surfaces in your home, but avoid using it on real marble, granite, natural stone, waxed wood, bare unfinished wood, or cast iron.
  • Is this cleaner safe around kids and pets? This is a nontoxic DIY but like any cleaning product, it’s best to keep it out of reach of children and pets for safety. (Please note, I’m not a doctor or veterinarian, so consult with a healthcare professional for specific concerns.)
  • Does this cleaner leave streaks or a film? No, it shouldn’t. If you happen to notice a small streak, simply go over the surface with a microfiber cloth for a sparkling finish.
  • Can I add other ingredients to this spray? The only safe addition would be essential oils. Avoid adding other chemicals to DIY cleaning projects for safety reasons.

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Nontoxic All Purpose Cleaner Spray

Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Course: DIY Nontoxic Cleaning
Cuisine: Nontoxic
Keyword: all purpose cleaner spray, nontoxic all purpose cleaner spray, nontoxic cleaner, plum branch home all purpose cleaner spray
Yield: 1 16 ounce spray bottle


  • 1 16 ounce spray bottle


  • 1/4 cup castile soap
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 1/2 cup water


  • First, in a 16 ounce spray bottle add castile soap and vinegar
  • Next, add in water and top the bottle with the spray nozzle
  • Finally, shake the bottle for 20-30 seconds and use when needed

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  1. 5 stars
    I love DYI nontoxic cleaners, thanks for this cleaning recipe!
    I found a peppermint Castile soap I’m going to try got this recipe.

    1. You’re so welcome! That will smell amazing with the peppermint. I hope you love it! If it starts leaving any streaks it may be from a different type of soap, but that’s no problem! If you run into this, just cut the soap amount in half for your cleaner and it will still work great! 😊